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  • Aachen, Germany
  • Email: assistance.kh@gmail.com

University application

Searching, selecting and applying to the program of your choice through uni-assit or the university’s portal.

Academic portfolio

Writing your academic portfolio that includes CV, Motivation Letter, Recommendation Letter, Resume in German or English

Language courses

Searching, selecting and registering for a private language course of your choice.

Vorbereitungssemester for international students

Applying for preparatory German language classes at a university in order to equip students with the language skills needed for their studies. These courses usually take one semester (6 months) and culminate in writing the DSH exam.

Anerkennung ausländischer Berufsqualifikationen

Get your qualification recognised! Here you can find out what you need to do, which are the required documents and how to fill out the form that is to be sent out to the competent authority in Germany.

Visa application

We will assist through the whole process including: setting the appointment at the embassy, the required documents list, the review of those documents, preparing personalized template documents, preparation for the interview.
We have in-house visa experts who provide the most up-to-date advice on visa options and applications, increasing your chances of visa success.


We will assist you through finding, choosing and applying for the opportunity that fits you best while creating a portfolio to make you the perfect candidate.




  • Questionnaire/Analysis of your academic, extracurricular and personal profile
  • 60-minute consultation
  • Verify the validity and authenticity of your educational degrees and overall the eligibility to study in Europe
  • Evaluation of your English or/and German proficiency certificates
  • General recommendation on 3 bestmatching university programs
  • Advice on Who, How, When and What to ask
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from 149€/

  • 90 - minute consultation to help you narrow down your choices to up to 3 university programs
  • Written report on shortlisted academic programs including program duration, language and academic entry requirements, application procedures and deadlines, contact details, enrolment and tuition fees, as well as recent information on living expenses
  • Advise on how to submit your applications through Uni-assist or other systems
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from 299€/

  • Additional consultation session to discuss each shortlisted university program
  • Course details/description: Written report on the chosen academic programs
  • Creating your application portfolio: academic CV, letters of recommendation, letters of motivation etc
  • Submitting your applications through Uni-assist or the university's portal
  • Cultural and pre-departure orientation
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